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How to unlock your branded 4g LTE Modem

Unlock your branded 4g LTE Modem.

Follow the steps and procedures outlined below to unlock your Huawei modem:
Step 1. Switch off your Huawei mifi modem
Step 2. Note and write down the IMEI Number of your modem.
Step 3. Download DC unlocked Huawei Modem/router unlock code calculator for free and generate the first code for free. Since I have just one modem E5372 it’s gave me 3 different codes, I use the third code i.e ALGO 3 and it’s unlock my modem. So make sure you input the right imei. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet to generate the code.
Step 4. Insert any other network service provider SIM (Invalid SIM) and Turn on your mifi modem.
Step 5. Connect with the modem to your PC or phone or via the Wi-fi I unlocked mine with  My phone. I connected the Mifi wifi to myphone via wifi. If it ask you for login use admin as username and password.
Step 6. Type (Which is Default Interface of your mifi Router) into your browser, it will indicate an invalid or Locked SIM with a pop-up to enter the unlock code

Step 7. Enter the unlocking code generated with your IMEI from the Huawei Code Calculator
Step 8. Now navigate to ADVANCED SETTINGS >> SIM SETTINGS >>UNLOCK DEVICE >> ENTER THE UNLOCK CODE >> APPLY. Your router is unlocked Step 10. Enjoy your unlocked Huawei LTE.
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